Commerical Millwork

We provide businesses with custom millwork and woodworking pieces that are one of a kind.  


Our custom pieces add a personal touch to allow you to express your unique company culture.  This is your space and it needs to communicate what your core values are.  If you want a custom look and feel to your space we can deliver that on time and within budget.


No matter which areas of your space that you want have speak to your customer or your team we can provide custom reception desks, feature walls, desks, corner suite millwork, display cases, locker rooms or deck out the company cafeteria.


Your space sends a message about who and what you are. You've invested heavily in your brand and you deserve to have your space consistently reinforce your messaging to your stakeholders. 


Custom Retail Fixtures


You only have one opportunity to make a first impression.  Start your customers’ experience in the best possible way by integrating customized retail fixtures into your space.  A quality made retail fixture will speak to your branding and corporate culture.  The star of this show is your product and it deserves to be displayed in a manner that shows off it's qualty to your customer while making the best use of your valuable floor space.


As a retail fixture manufacturer, we emphasize design, functionality, and durability. Our draftsman works with you throughout the process to ensure that your design is completed to your specifications and in accordance with your needs, timetable and budget.  If you need customized shelving and cabinetry, floor or wall fixtures, custom displays, cash wraps or slat walls we can help bring it all together. 


Create a tailored atmosphere unique to your brand. Whether you are looking for modern retail fixtures to highlight your products, or rich wood detailing to add warmth to your retail space we will work with you to ensure we deliver what you want.  




The look and feel of your restaurant or entertainment space sends a clear signal to customers about how much you care about their experience.  Great food, drink and banter are all major elements of a great night out.  It's also critical to reinforce those positive attributes by providing an inviting, welcoming environment that ensures your guests return and bring their friends. 


We work with you throughout the process to ensure that your design is completed to your specifications and in accordance with your needs, timetable and budget.  If you need custom wall paneling, bars, crown moulding and running trims, theme displays, banquette seating or any type of station we can help you bring it all together. 


We want to ensure that your location is THE place to gather in your city.  





Institutional - Education/Healthcare


Whether you are building new or renovating an existing school, health centre, long-term care establishment or a medical office we can fulfill your needs on time and within budget.


Whether it's desking, work surfaces, lecture halls, patient intake, reception, labratory cabinetry, coffee bars, kitchen areas or any other kind of application where you need a solution for your discerning taste you can count on us to work with you through the process to deliver your vision of the work space. 


A positive environment lends itself to a positive outcome, we'd like to help ensure that you stakeholders have a positive experience.