We understand that designing a new space can be a bit intimidating and it's easy to be a bit overwhelmed by the number of choices available to you.  Afterall, when you are considering a custom solution there are few boundaries.


Our role is to listen and to assist you in expressing your vision for your space, think of us as facilitators.  We've been fulfilling that role for almost 2 decades and the key to our success is anchored in our commitment to listen to you and our willingness to be collaborative partners in the process.


If you’re a business owner, a designer, a general contractor or a homeowner, you’ll experience a highly responsive and proactive approach. For those that choose to partner with us, we’ll do whatever it takes to make your job easier, and to make you shine.



The first step in our process is to gather as much information from you as we can.  We want, and need, to know everything you are considering for your space.


We will facilitate the discussion, refining details here and there and ultimately bringing it all together.  We will take into account your ideas, must-haves, goals, and budget to gain a comprehensive view of the project.


Along the way we identify any potential challenges and provide our suggestions to maximize your enjoyment of the finished space.



We take all of your input gathered during the planning and quotation stage and using your material selections, design taste and preferences, we’ll produce plans, elevations, and details – but it doesn't stop there - we can guide you through any and all fixture, lighting, appliance and surface decisions should you wish us to do so.





Here is where we put our carpentry skills to work.


Our project team carefully reviews all details and schedules your project for production.  


Custom cabinetry and millwork lead times can vary considerably and are dependent upon the specifics of your project and the materials you have selected. 


We pride ourselves on having on time delivery.  We know that any project, no matter the size, can be a source of added.  That's why we deliver when we say we will.



Our talented installers assure that the fit and finish are performed to the highest of standards.